Hide and Seek

… with a fragile home base made of cardboard and tape „1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10… ich komme! „Eckstein, Eckstein, alles muss versteckt sein, versteckt oder nicht ich komme!” “Ready or not, here I come!“ Claudio came here to think about the idea of a monument, wanting to think about whether it made sense to have a monument here, […]


Beyond the fence, in the center of the large, manicured condominium garden, where people are rarely seen, is a statue. From a distance, in foreshortening, one cannot quite see what it represents: it seems a muscular male figure, perhaps a classical scene, made of bronze. In the accomodation center, however, there are no symbolic, allegorical, […]


An anthropologist friend, who specializes in nomadic cultures, is in Afghanistan these weeks (several guests who live here come from that country). On her socials I see pictures and videos of small caravans on the move, flocks and shepherds along steep and rocky paths, tents set up in ever-changing landscapes. Here, however, everything is still, […]

Der finale Brief

Grundsetzlich, geht es immer Schritt um Schritt. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, wie ich diesen Brief, der vom Sohn an die Eltern in Mashhad geht, übergeben soll. Es war mir klar die Eltern sprechen kein Englisch. Elahe ist meine Lokalizerin. Sie hat eine Postkarte erhalten. Schon bei meiner Ankunft treffe ich Daniel ein Freund. Ich frage […]


All the spaces here have a function, all the elements obey the rule of functionality. Not only that: the elements have been configured to avert its opposite, non-functionality. Window sills, where people might simply lean and look out, are not contemplated by the design of the windows; all doors, that are usually osmotic elements for […]


At the corner of the sand play area there is a kind of small house/hut, open on two sides, raised a few decimeters from the sand, like a kind of small pile-dwelling. it is the only wooden structure amid the concrete buildings, it has a sort of temporary, mobile vibe. It is for children, but […]

Der fünfte Brief

Nach der Ankunft in Mahshad wandere ich zu dem Cafe, in dem Elahe arbeitet. Sie ist die Empfängerin des fünften Briefes. Ich habe diesen Zustellungsauftrag aus der Poststelle “Im Werd” in Wien erhalten. Zum Verständniss: Im Werd ist ein Lokal in Wien, das einmal im Monat, das Kunstwerk des Monats ausstellt. Kuratiert wird es von […]


Animals are not allowed in the accomodation center. Birds – especially cawing crows in the early early morning, when most of the people is still sleeping – are the only appearances of the animal kingdom. If, in the private garden beyond the fence, a pair of squirrels chases each other over the trees, or a […]


The buildings in the area are arranged in a strictly orthogonal manner. The shape of each building, such as that of the windows, entrances, interior rooms, is based on the rectangle; the outdoor spaces – the central little lawn, the play area, the concrete dividing elements – are also rectangular in shape. The dominant lines […]


These days I am healing from covid, outside the Refugee Accomodation. I never had it before. Hard to say where I got it. Perhaps  during ping-pong games and small talk with the guests; perhaps, simply, on public transportation in the city. Beyond the physical discomfort, comparable to that of a bad flu, there remains the […]

Reise nach Maschhad

Heute Abend, weiterreise nach Maschhad, um die letzten beiden Briefe zu übergeben. Ich verlasse Tehran mit einem weinendem Auge, weil ich hier so viel grossartige Gastfreudnschaft empfangen durfte. Ich lebte die letzten zwei Wochen in den Bergen bei Freunden. Es gab viele Feste mit persischem Tanz und gutem Essen. Mein persönliches Highlight war die Tanznacht […]