All around the buildings is a green ring of trees and vegetation, the city is almost not visible. But gray is the color that dominates this space, even inside the buildings. A color that is difficult to make domestic, cozy.


It happens daily to see guests with envelopes in their hands, or intent on reading their contents, with extreme seriousness and attention. It is through paper letters, traditional, not electronic or digital, that important communications from institutions take place.


At 10 p.m., when it is time for the kids to go inside for the night, the place suddenly becomes quiet. In the outdoor spaces, previously a territory dominated by the noisy ramblings of the kids, the presence of adults with smartphones in hand, looking for a comfortable, more intimate and private place, multiplies. It’s […]


Here there is no a unique special place, a shared center where people meet; there are different gathering points. The kid’s ones are the most interesting: constantly moving, always chasing new and temporary points of interest: a ball, a game, new elements in the space (like this curious little yellow house), something super fun to […]


I listened to the story of a never-ending journey: 3 years long, it went through 13 countries – including Italy – before arriving here. Some parts of the journey happened by train, most of the time on foot, on paths and in the woods among the trees. A story about existences interrupted in the countries […]


Language is certainly a barrier. It is not always easy to talk to people here. Our exchanges are not smooth, direct and fast. Our dialogues are uncertain, short, hiccup-like, accompanied by smiles and dubious expressions. They are indirect, sometimes mediated by an app that tries to translate simplified sentences, standardizing vocal timbre and sacrificing emotion. […]


Inside a space that is already comfortable and mine, that I can already call home, although I have been here for a day or so. Outside a place I am still measuring and trying to understand better. The kids, outside, I think they are doing the same, from an opposite point of view: “What’s going […]