Thank you very much for the exchange of thoughts and opinions at the end of our exhibition RESIDENZPFLICHT I-X at Schloss Biesdorf!

Panel discussion with Sebastian Acker, Mehran Behrouzfaghani, Kati Gausmann (msk7), Benno Hinkes, Ricarda Mieth (msk7), Britta Schubert
Translation: Fatemeh Golestani
Moderation: Stefka Ammon
Sound: Sebastian Martin | total-tonal

Thanks also to our scholarship holders Sebastian Acker, Claudio Beorchia, Andreea Chirica, Jorn Ebner, Albrecht Fersch, Manaf Halbouni, Pascal Mayet, Benedikt Stoll, Patrick Timm and
to Denhart von Harling for his great press work during the whole project, to Susanne Bayer and her project radioconnection, which accompanied us and our fellows with interviews and radio reports, and to Karin Scheel for making our final exhibition possible!

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