10 Scholarships for Artist’s Residence Project in Berlin Refugee Accommodation

For the art project RESIDENZPFLICHT, 10 Modular Accommodations for Refugees in Berlin will be extended alternately and temporarily by an additional mobile module, in which 10 international grant-holders will live and work artistically for one month.

The aim of the project is to temporarily open the self-contained refugee shelters to approaches and developments in contemporary art.

RESIDENZPFLICHT is a project of the artist group msk7.

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A Syrian woman the exact same age as me asked me to write about how refugees experience life in Germany. I have seen a lot and experienced a few things. However, though I can help tell the story, the story of refugees in Germany is not my story to tell.  Therefore, the woman has decided […]

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An Introduction

Understanding a place is about understanding its rhythms. Here on Kiefholzstraße, the rhythm is scurrying children’s feet in the late morning and early afternoon. Babies laugh and coo and cry paces beyond the trailer’s door. On the other side, mothers open and shut washing machine doors, sandals slapping against their heels as they glide across […]

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3. Artist in Residence: SIMONE BAILEY

3. Artist in Residence: SIMONE BAILEY Begrüßung / Welcome: Fr. 5.7.19 um 17.00 / 5 pm Projekt Präsentation / Artist Talk Fr. 2.8.19 um 17.00 / 5 pm Ort / Location: Modulare Unterkunft für Flüchtlinge Kiefholzstr. 71, 12057 Berlin

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