Hide and Seek

… with a fragile home base made of cardboard and tape „1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10… ich komme! „Eckstein, Eckstein, alles muss versteckt sein, versteckt oder nicht ich komme!“ „Ready or not, here I come!“ Claudio came here to think about the idea of a monument, wanting to think about whether it made sense to have a monument here, […]


Beyond the fence, in the center of the large, manicured condominium garden, where people are rarely seen, is a statue. From a distance, in foreshortening, one cannot quite see what it represents: it seems a muscular male figure, perhaps a classical scene, made of bronze. In the accomodation center, however, there are no symbolic, allegorical, […]


An anthropologist friend, who specializes in nomadic cultures, is in Afghanistan these weeks (several guests who live here come from that country). On her socials I see pictures and videos of small caravans on the move, flocks and shepherds along steep and rocky paths, tents set up in ever-changing landscapes. Here, however, everything is still, […]


All the spaces here have a function, all the elements obey the rule of functionality. Not only that: the elements have been configured to avert its opposite, non-functionality. Window sills, where people might simply lean and look out, are not contemplated by the design of the windows; all doors, that are usually osmotic elements for […]


The buildings in the area are arranged in a strictly orthogonal manner. The shape of each building, such as that of the windows, entrances, interior rooms, is based on the rectangle; the outdoor spaces – the central little lawn, the play area, the concrete dividing elements – are also rectangular in shape. The dominant lines […]