Thursday 23 06 2022

Lacklustre. The plan was to set a mask-making session in the afternoon, but the heat is wearing me down. The Medicare bus is blocking the assigned space. Maybe later. Painted test mask seems to look sad. Is this reflecting my metal frame? The kids playing noisily seem happy and excited; no sadness there. The main […]

Tuesday 21 06 2022

Sewing the top of my crow costume, gluing bits for a mask, of sorts. Also: paper masks for use later during the stay, and pre-fab masks purchased online had arrived the day before. Project progress evens out security staff grumpiness. and: Johanna Treblin’s newsletter from Marzahn/Hellersdorf for Tagesspiegel (photographs by Joana Nietfeld),

Monday 20 06 2022

Rain comes dripping in, – later a drumming of rain on my roof and against the window for the happy recordist. not to forget: Tagesspiegel online only report on my „residenzpflicht“ project, written by Johanna Treblin, with photos by Joana Nietfeld, thank you!

Friday 17 06 2022

First week has rushed by, making plenty of new aquaintances (kids mostly). Recorded playing the public furniture, playground features (slide, play house) and lampposts in the shelter. Some have a beautiful sonic quality. I wonder whether a participatory work is necessarily a productive way forward. Tagesspiegel photographer arrives in the afternoon, taking amongst others, images […]

Thursday 16 06 2022

My new friends ushered me to create a thumb cinema book. Visit to an art venue Station Urbaner Kulturen and the local library. Ideas drift towards other areas of sonic articulation. Sounds of morning, evening and night.

Tuesday 14 06 2022

Southbound to Risaer Straße. Bienenlehrpfad, beautiful brown little Italian bees, too. Walked all the important supermarkets now. Surprise visit from Tagesspiegel journalist in the afternoon. Sounds of morning, evening and night.

Sunday 12 06 2022

afternoon soundscape, the noise of children towards the east Explorations in the centre of the periphery. Walks from Albert Kuntz through the greenscape to Hönow and Hoppegarten Sounds of the evening.