The finissage went really well and felt like a great ending on my stay, even though I must say it’s going to feel a bit strange to leave tomorrow.

It was also really nice to share my drawings with the residents, seeing them looking and exploring the space I’ve drawn, with all people and objects that they know so well. Many of the children making it a sport to figure out who every single person is.

Here are a few photos from the opening that can give some kind of idea of the day, even though it’s hard not being able to show any engaged eyes or expressions…

We got a few good hours until it got dark, but here many hours later some of the children are not finished, now using their flashlights. The light shining through the spaces in between the drawings, into the wagon. Really sweet…

The video couldn’t be embedded, so you will have to click the link to see it -> Children with flashlight – Video <-

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