In preperation

I realized that I didn’t have a plan B, if my idea of presenting the drawings through the double pane windows wouldn’t work (for a number of reasons), so I made some experiments and was trying out different ways of hanging the drawings. In the end I left a drawing hanging to see if it would hold good enough over time.

Four hours later I hear this wroaar, and I turn to see a girl having found the drawing. Within 30 seconds she had gotten 20-25 children there, and the growing group got enough consensus in who the boy in the drawing was to get him there within those 30 seconds too. His eyes were SHINING, almost ecstatic, and at the same time so proud. Looking at me, looking at the drawing, back and forth. During the rest of the late afternoon I saw him come 5 times more, bringing different family members and friends. Every time with that incredible, amazed and proud eyes, looking at me.

I also think he got extra happy that I had drawn him when he had climbed up the 3 meter high swing structure, he loves climbing.

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